Happy Artists = Happy Clients

LuLu Artists Collective is a management agency representing the West Coast’s finest production artists. It is our belief that if an artist is happy and well-supported, amazing art will follow.  We take care of the business side of things – supporting great clients, placing amazing talent and handling billing – so that our artists can do what they do best…make the world a more beautiful place.

Why a collective? Isn’t that just a fancy word for a talent agency or a union? Nope. We’re a new kind of resource for artists that offers a supportive and collaborative creative community with access to a global client network. Think of us as a modern-day matchmaker for clients and artists. By having a tailored approach to our clients' projects, we are able to pull together the right talent to bring any project to life.  You could say we’re a 21st century guild.

Our Team

We started off as artists and producers ourselves: Mary as a costume designer, tailor and stylist for theater and editorial productions, and Byrd as an assistant producer and coordinator in advertising production, commercial films, and large scale events. With our combined experience, passions and connections, LuLu Artists Collective is the go-to hub for clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Mary Domenico
owner / artist / agent

Mary is an artist.  No really...the kind that actually tried to pay her bills for years by making beautiful things.  After years of working in the photography industry on set as a tailor, Mary launched the first of her companies, Blackbird Tailoring, representing 14 of the best industry trained set tailors.  Subsequently, Mary launched Bula Billing, an accounting/audit 3rd party billing solution service catering to large scale productions.  Since Mary is apparently as big of a fan of having babies as launching businesses, she started LuLu Artists Collective.

LuLu Artists Collective is a compilation of all Mary's favorite artists she has worked with over the years from her days with Vogue to Old Navy.  Imagine cherry picking all your favorite people and creating a one stop shop for guaranteed happy clients.  With a thorough knowledge of her artists backgrounds and having witnessed them in action, Mary can provide clients with a perfect match to any job.  She prides herself on doing good business.  She's a libra...balance and happiness are everything.

Mary believes in Art.  She loves making art. She believes in her artists.  She loves supporting them to make their art.  She believes there is a chance unicorns may exist. More than anything, she loves chasing after her three kids.


Byrd Baldwin
artist management & Bookings / billing Coordinator

Often referred to as the “Fixer," Byrd is one of the bright and happy faces behind the bookings@ and accounting@ emails. Byrd joined LuLu in December 2016 after 20+ years as a freelance production coordinator, assistant producer, event coordinator, and volunteer fundraiser. With her extensive production knowledge, she has an easy rapport with artists and clients alike. There is no substitute for experience...and Byrd rarely needs a substitute.

As Billing Coordinator, Byrd is on the front lines of just about everything billing related including artist invoicing, payments, receipt auditing, and keeping track of the dollars and cents. Byrd can find what’s missing in 120 pages of receipts in less than 10 minutes flat. No..really… It’s pretty impressive.

When it comes to Artist Management & Bookings, Byrd has the solution..or will work quickly to find it. Byrd oversees the artist on-boarding process, new talent searches, booking management, artist marketing and LuLu’s website platform.  

Byrd has coordinated for producers, real estate developers, fundraisers, golf playing CEO’s, picky PTA moms, her two almost grown kids, and her husband, a local location scout for the commercial advertising community. Byrd is also owned by Franklin the Dog, LuLu’s unofficial mascot, who can often be found in a color coordinated dog bed beneath her desk.  And her desk just happens to be to the right of Mary, making the phrase “Mary’s right hand” a pretty accurate one. 

Being the Fixer that she is, Byrd is our go-to for technology, “what the heck?”, and life questions. Byrd finds answers… or gives you a gummy bear from her desk, which is often a suitable alternative.  Above all else Byrd is a bonafide squirrel wrangler and indispensable member of the LuLu family. 


Allie Powers
Marketing Director

Allie is LuLu’s marketing virtuoso. She puts LuLu out into the world with passion and grace, using her unerring eye and personal warmth to connect clients with artists and shape LuLu’s dialogue with both the production industry and the broader public. Allie manages our client pitches, social media, campaigns, and much more.

Allie is painter herself and holds a fervent belief in a positive point of view. She understands what it takes to be a successful artist which is why she is so passionate about supporting artists at LuLu. Allie discovered her appreciation for bright colors and unique textures at a young age, flipping through old travel magazines and intricately illustrated cookbooks. She continued to feed that appreciation with travel and eventually brought it with her to the Graphic Communications program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she graduated with an emphasis in Web & Digital Media and a minor in Business Administration.

Allie joined the LuLu team in June 2018. Before LuLu, she worked with a variety of companies both large and small, managing marketing teams and working closely with engineering and sales departments. Allie continues to work as a freelance web design and brand consultant to nourish her own creativity and help small business owners successfully share their dreams with the world.